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purchase procedures

1. 注冊成為會員

2. 選擇心儀貨品加到購物車

3. 到購物車結帳, 會員優惠及其他優惠由系統自動顯示

4. 選擇送貨方式及提供送貨資料, 進行付款

5. 5-7個工作天, 相關同事通知出貨


* 如同一商物超過10件請與我們聯絡

  1. Register as member

  2. Select desire goods to purchase

  3. Go to “shopping cart” page by selecting “ check out” button

  4. Select delivery information and method

  5. Goods will be delivered within 5 to 7 working days, our team member will contact you when the goods are delivered

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